sometimes tumblr’s US-centric social justice makes me so fucking frustrated. Right now sweden’s third biggest party are literally neo-nazis and our elections couldn’t even get onto trending tags today, goddamit.

Okay, so the post is gaining notes and…



Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

king of the crows

king of the crows

Characters who share the same personality type as you

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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Type: INTP (Architect)

I’ll just go ahead and tag lieingotlandskorv10kkun, lecaroevolve


Yamaguchi Tadashi - cozynoon

Tsukishima Kei - Jupez

Photos - Rayleigh


this feels kind of embarrassing bc no one likes imasaka but I DON’T CARE

T-take that back! 


this feels kind of embarrassing bc no one likes imasaka but I DON’T CARE

T-take that back! 

re-drew my first imasaka pic (‘~`;)

re-drew my first imasaka pic (‘~`;)

just…getting carried away ┐(´-`)┌

Anonymous; "images(.)luvimages(.)com/luvphotos/d/deer_kissing-3352(.)jpg - I hope it'll make you make you a bit happier, even if it's just a tiny little smile. n_n"


Ahhh! It did make me happier! Omg so cute <3

Thank you! And have a great day!

Anonymous; "Flails du vackra människa gör mig så glad~ <3"

OK, this will be directed to swedes but I’ll take it in English anyway:

Please refrain from writing anonymous messages in Swedish to me.

My classmate who found my blog actually told me she wrote an anon message to me (I posted it when I answered but I’ve deleted it now) and honestly she’s just really rude and disrespectful (again, I hope you read this) so even if it’s something nice…. you’ll only stress me out. I’m still upset/sad/angry/disappointed about what she did.