daisuga week day 6: family / fluff

some kiss challenges from my sketch book I slapped some colour on~ Still have some left though

Just want to say that I didn’t really have time to do anything good for daisuga week on todays prompt… v(´~´)v  Just finished yesterdays prompt for today. Won’t have time to draw any more comics because of school, so I’ll just draw some doodle for the rest of the week AND maybe properly finish todays comic this weekend. 

daisuga week day 4: post graduation

daisuga week day 3: first date / holiday


Not going to take any more kiss art request from now on!

I’ll try and do some more of the ones I already got though ;_; Schools starting tomorrow so please have mercy on me if I don’t do yours haha ha…

I’m reading some of the tags on my daisuga day 2 pic and I love how some people are like

then there’s 

and the rest is just

Hi so I want to start posting my art/sketches online through either tumblr or deviant art, but can't decide which would be better. Any suggestions?

Hello! Spontaneously I’d say tumblr. I haven’t been posting that much on dA lately because I find that people often repost or steal your art when they want to share it with others (if you don’t add watermarks and such. I usually don’t, because I forget) while tumblr has a really good sharing system with reblogs :/ Though original art often don’t get the recognition they deserve on tumblr because people here mainly looks at fan art.

OK then, if possible, could you do Imaizumi/Onoda/Naruko? With Imaizumi kissing Onoda's chest and Naruko kissing Onoda's neck. Please and thank you


shinkai/izumida and 15? :)