30 day otp challenge: (the lost days)day 28 - Doing something ridiculous

more like me thinking out loud in my drawings and not even trying to draw them in-character yea

is cherik your original creations or are they the charles and erik from x-men? sorry haha i just saw your drawings and they're really cute :-)

Yeaaa, I quickly realized that tagging them as cherik was kind of pointless so now I usually tag them as “dear deer boys” lol„though still tag them as cherik when they’re together in the pic, for organisation on my blog ^q^ Thank you!


I still can’t get over this. Kageyama makes Hinata feel “invincible”- makes him forget any insecurities about his height or not being ace. And I just can’t believe how great Kageyama is to help make this boy feel so good about himself. Just look at his face.

I’m totally ok with pairing Noya together with anyone in the team. But I can never imagine anyone but Noya being on top. I don’t know, I just feel like he has that air around him that make others want to be dominated by him ahaha. But then, always when I imagine him being with Asahi I feel he wants to be the one dominated and be like “yes. penetrate me with your hot love rod, ace”  idk. headcanons. 

I have finally found what I’ve been looking for! (I’m going to refer to this post, to those who are confused)  I have finally found some great vagina tutorials *q* I’m a little sad though, because it feels like they’ve been going around a bit, but I haven’t seen them or anything?? Anyway, to those who are still looking for some: 1, 2 

Warning for nsfw lady parts(as you’d expect). But do check them out! They are really helpful and ladies deserve to have proper vaginas drawn on them! 

Hq!! challenge day 2 - the character you gradually warmed up to

Hitoka Yachi 

Hq!! challenge day 2 - the character you first fell in love with

Tanaka Ryuunosuke 

Imma try and do the hq!! 30 day challenge. Tho I’ll probably not do it in 30 days. ‘ll do it when I’m bored so it might take more or less than 30 days :// We’ll see.

Also have 3 days of the imasaka otp challenge left ‘x’ If anyone’s still interested in me finishing it I’ll do it?? but otherwise I’ll leave it be. 

Hq!! challenge day 1 - your favourite character

Bokuto Koutarou