electric-birthday asked:

Ahhh I'm so glad you ship Imasaka and decided to do your otp challenge on them, like literally it's THE ship i'm so happy thanks a lot bae

Hehe, well, the pleasure is all mine <3

It makes me happy that more and more people show their appreciation and stuff because I want more people to ship and draw ImaSaka too! If you have checked the imasaka tag you know what I mean… It’s nothing compared to the imanaru tag…. That makes me really sad but I’m still standing by my word of not drawing ImaSaka anymore after the challenge is over :// I just to move on, you know??

captaincinnabunny asked:

I hope you never receive any hurtful comments EVER because you're a lovely person and your art warms so many hearts, so it's only right that we can send you love to warm yours! ^w^

Thank you!! *w* Ahh…such lovely people you are! My heart needs warming so thank you yet again! I’ll be in your care <3


Imaizumi’s Distraction: A Yowamushi Pedal fanfiction


(I needed something to break me from my writers block and Onoda and Imaizumi’s canon cinema date last night catapulted me into the realms of shipping so. this happened)

I love it when composed characters get nervous around the person they like bye


Although Imaizumi wasn’t as highly strung as his pronounced frown or stoic demeanour might have suggested, no-one could deny that the boy was extremely serious. Cycling was worth more than a hobby for everyone in the club; but in Imaizumi’s case, it was everything. He structured his entire life around the sport, regulating everything from his daily routine to his diet to his reading material, all for the sake of optimizing his skills. For as long as he could remember, there was nothing and no-one that could distract him from that purpose – at least, not until he’d met Onoda.

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